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What is a sintered base? plus-icon

A sintered base, also known as a gesintered base, refers to the type of base used on a snowboard. It is a construction method where the base of the snowboard is made from compressed polyethylene (PE) pellets under high pressure and heat. The result is a strong and durable base that offers excellent glide on snow.

Advantages of a sintered base? plus-icon

The major advantage of a sintered base is its porous nature, which allows it to absorb wax effectively. Additionally, a sintered base is harder than an extruded base, which helps maintain the base's profile for a longer period of time. These benefits contribute to faster glide performance of the snowboard.

Disadvantages of a sintered base:? plus-icon

A sintered base requires regular maintenance, especially waxing the snowboard. Due to the porous structure of the sintered base, it can absorb dirt, dust, and other contaminants. Regular waxing is necessary to maintain the glide performance and protect the base. This requires more effort and time compared to an extruded base, which generally requires less maintenance.

What is the cost of a snowboard with a sintered base? plus-icon

Snowboards with a sintered base are generally more expensive than snowboards with an extruded base. The production process of a sintered base is more complex and costly, which can result in a higher price for the snowboard. A snowboard with a sintered base typically starts at around €400.