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What is an extruded base? plus-icon

An extruded base is a type of base (underside) of a snowboard. It is formed through the extrusion process, where melted polyethylene (PE) is pressed through a die and then cooled to create the final shape of the base. This is in contrast to a sintered base, which is made by compressing fine PE pellets under high pressure and heat.

Bij een directional twin snowboard is de flexibiliteit meestal iets stijver bij de tail (achterkant) dan bij de tip (voorkant). Dit geeft het board meer stabiliteit en controle bij hoge snelheden en zorgt voor betere prestaties in poedersneeuw. De bindingen zijn doorgaans iets meer naar achteren geplaatst dan bij een gewoon twin board, waardoor het board een iets meer directioneel karakter krijgt.

Advantages of an extruded base? plus-icon

An extruded base generally requires less maintenance than a sintered base. The surface of an extruded base is denser and less porous, which means it absorbs less dirt, dust, and other contaminants. This means the snowboard requires less frequent waxing and generally demands less attention and maintenance.

Disadvantages of an extruded base? plus-icon

Generally, an extruded base offers less glide performance compared to a sintered base. The surface is less smooth and has a higher coefficient of friction, resulting in less speed on the snow. This can impact the overall performance of the snowboard, particularly when riding on flat sections.

Is a snowboard with an extruded base only for beginners? plus-icon

No, a snowboard with an extruded base is not only suitable for beginners. While an extruded base is often recommended for beginners due to its lower cost, ease of maintenance, and forgiveness, it can also be suitable for snowboarders at various experience levels depending on their preferences and riding style.