Nitro snowboards

Welcome to the world of Nitro

Nitro is a leading snowboard brand that has been producing high-quality snowboards, snowboard boots and bindings for over 30 years. Nitro was founded in 1990 by, professional snowboarder, Thomas Delago from Austria. Afterwards, Nitro has become one of the popular snowboard brands in the snowboard industry.

Nitro is known for their innovative developments and exceptional performance of their products. Nitro consists of a team of professional snowboarders and designers who work together to create snowboarding products tailored to the specific needs of riders of all levels, from beginners to experts. Nitro offers a wide range of snowboards, including all-mountain, freestyle, freeride and split boards, for every riding style.

Nitro is more than just a snowboard brand. Nitro is a community of passionate snowboarders who want to push the limits of what is possible on the mountain. Nitro also sponsors a team of professional boarders from around the world, who represent the brand at competitions, events and in the media. In addition, Nitro also organizes a number of events and competitions. Check out our entire collection of Nitro snowboards, Nitro bindings and Nitro snowboard boots.

Nitro is a sustainable snowboard brand

Snowboarding has an impact on the environment, which is something Nitro realizes all too well. Nitro is committed to sustainability, which sets them apart from their competitors. For example, Nitro has taken steps to minimize their carbon footprint. Nitro tries to use environmentally friendly materials in their products and collaborates with organizations like POW, Protect Our Winters.


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