Airblaster snowboard clothing

Airblaster snowboard clothing

Welcome to the wonderful world of Airblaster snowboard clothing. As far as we know, Airblaster is the only company owned and run by a group of snowboarders. So this perfectly fits our alley at

The company is based in Oregon America and from here they serve the whole world with high quality clothing where having fun, feeling of freedom and an overall good product for a good price are high on the priority list.

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Airblaster Ninja suit

The most recognizable products from Airblaster 's line are, of course, the Airblaster Ninja suits. This 1-piece baselayer provides unprecedented comfort and warmth. You'll never have a bare back again when you bend over or sit down in the ski elevator. I hear you thinking, but isn't that very awkward his 1-piece suit? What if I have to go to the bathroom? Of course they have thought of this. With the 350° zipper you have all the space you could wish for! All Ninja suits are equipped with a 4-way stretch so the clothing moves in all directions.

Airblaster snowboard jackets and snowboard pants

These snowboarders from the USA make good snowboard jackets and pants with high technical demands for every wallet and every desire. The entire assortment is divided into 3 lines.

  1. The Beast series includes shell jackets, one suits and bib pants with high technical demands. Think of a 3 layer system, 30k water column and completely wind and waterproof.
  2. Glacier series, This tough line comes with a wide range of lined jackets, pants and one piece suits. With a water column of 15K and completely windproof.
  3. Freedom series, this is a tough series with lined and shell jackets, tough bibs and one suits with a water column up to 10k.

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#Staywild with Airblaster

They want you to get the most out of your days on the slopes. #Staywild is their motto. Days on the slopes are often limited. So, when you're on the slopes, everything should be just right and you shouldn't be messing around with clothes that literally leave you out in the cold.

Airblaster Trying to be able to offer a nice set for everyone to suit everyone's needs. They also have a nice collection of accessories, including hats and neck warmers (Buff).

Airblaster Ordering snowboard clothing online at

Have you already seen a cool jacket you'd like to hit the snow with? Will it be an anorak like the Airblaster Trenchover Jacket with a matching snowboard pant like the Airblaster Elastic Boss pant? With this combo, you will definitely be seen on the slopes. And what about a comfortable Freedom Bib pant? These dungarees are worn on your shoulders. It keeps your belly and back warm. A comfortable set of thermal clothing under your jacket ensures excellent movement while you're always warm enough.

Combine this set with one of the awesome Ninja Suits and you'll never be cold again! Order your favorite Airblaster clothing safely and quickly on our site. We will ship the order to you free of charge. If you place your order before 17:00, the package will be given to PostNL the same day. Is the size not right or do you want a different color? No problem. You can always return the package within 14 days.

Do you prefer to come by to try on or to view the entire collection Airblaster? You are more than welcome to check out our collection of snowboards and snowboard clothing in our snowboard shop in Oldenzaal.

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